The story of Tyler and Abby

I would have never thought that 12 & 1/2 years ago when I rescued Abby, that I was in fact meeting my best friend for the very first time. We all hope our pets beat the odds and live many years and grow old with us, well in this case.. I’m one of the very lucky ones. Abby has been with me for almost half of my life, and every step of the way has made such an incredible difference to my world. She’s lived in multiple cities all across northern and southern California, and now all the way in Tennessee, right by my side chasing this crazy dream. She’s acclimated to changing conditions, houses, roommates (aunts & uncles), and it’s always been ok, because it’s always still been her and me … Pals for life. I’ve always joked that one day I would be successful enough to afford a forever freezing igloo for the backyard for her, and I still count on it. Having no kids of my own, Abby has always been the closest thing I could ever even compare that to. She has taught me responsibility, how to love unconditionally, be selfless, how to laugh my hardest, and most importantly how to pick the right girl from the wrong ones ;) She is the definition of Man’s Best Friend.

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